Building Management

The Building Manager has overall responsibility for the smooth operation of the facility alongside all its infrastructure. The Building Manager is also acting as the main site representative of the Owners Corporation in dealing with all stakeholders, from owners, tenants, guests, and contractors

The main responsibilities of the Building Manager is:

  • Take direction and report to the board and Strata Management
  • Ensure that all Essential Service Measure inspection are carried out on-time by each respective 3rd party contractor and for all inspection records to be retained for the Strata record
  • Ensure that the condition of common property remains in presentable condition by regular inspection and be responsible to arrange all necessary repair work to the building asset
  • Ensure that all back of house infrastructure that may impact the enjoyment of the property remains in working condition and be responsible to arrange all necessary repair works in consultation with the Strata Manager and or designated board members
  • Ensure that the security of the facility is not compromised
  • Respond, follow up, and document any incident relating to the property and its residents and to inform the Strata Manager.
  • Compile, retain, and update a database of information relating to the property
  • Act as the first point of call for any on-site issues
  • Remain available on a 24/7 basis for emergency calls
  • Follow agreed protocols for escalation of issues as set out by Strata


Monthly Managers Reports

  • List of incidents during the period
  • List of equipment breakdown during the period
  • List of all OH&S Incidents or identified risks
  • List of residents moving in/out during the period
  • List of contracts/agreements that are coming to the end of its terms
  • List of repairs/services made to common property asset
  • List of cleaning issues reported/resolved
  • List of Periodical Maintenance for the current and upcoming period
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“Oz Integrated is a proactive and successful building management company because it is extremely well led. Ozker O’Connell understands how to keep a team focused based on his experience and deep knowledge of what’s required to manage all aspects of a residential apartment building. Oz and his team build strong relationships with the owners and residents and they know they can trust and rely upon his judgement. I have personally found Oz to always be available when required, extremely hard working and always able to offer constructive and practical solutions to any issue that may arise. His level headed nature is another key strength, enabling him to be able to carefully address any issue that may arise in a thoughtful and constructive way, which in dealing with residents living together under the same roof can sometimes bring out the best and worst in people. Oz and his team at Oz Integrated have served everyone at Yve very well for many years.”

Stephen Dabkowski
Yve Owners Corporation.