We provide onsite security (static guards) as well as patrol services.

Our Night Patrol provides a practical alternative to onsite security officer to supervise your building after hours with back up security able onsite within 15 minutes if required. We can offer a 20-minute patrol per visit three times per night for weekend and summer nights.

In the event of a noise complaint or security emergency (illegal entry to building), residents can call the Building Manager or the 24/7 after hours contact number.


Our Night Concierge provides a value-added service compared to the traditional security personnel. Not only can we safeguard the buildings through patrols and CCTV surveillance, we also greet our residents and supervise after-hours access to their levels.


  • Monitor CCTV surveillance
  • Internal and external patrols
  • Regular checks on floor levels, common areas, car park and storage areas
  • Ensure controlled access (guests and contractors sign in/out, ID checks)
  • Secure entrances and exits
  • Regulate visitor parking
  • Handle any special circumstances or incidents
    (noise complaints, intoxicated residents)
  • Building maintenance inspection (e.g. pool test)
  • Fire safety inspection
  • Cleaning inspection
  • Pack up/Set up facilities for daily operation
  • Provide first aid and emergency assistance
  • Respond to security/fire alarms
  • Regular home checks while residents are away
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I have been on the Council of Owners of the Royale Apartments at 369 Hay Street, Perth for ten years. We have contracted Oz Integrated for the most of that time for security and concierge support.

During that time, the service and staff from Oz Integrated have been extremely efficient and conducted themselves in a very professional manner. During a ten year period there will undoubtedly be a few minor issues, but these where always fixed without delay and procedures put in place so they did not happen again. The apartment complex is quite large with 197 apartments and the staff
from Oz Integrated have been able to maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

I have no hesitation to recommend Oz Integrated to others.

Yours truly,
Colin Simcock