Facility Management

The Facility Manager will act in a supportive, mentoring and monitoring role capacity for the Building Manager and will be responsible for the following tasks.

  • Negotiation of contracts for all services including, lifts, fire and essential services, waste disposal and energy suppliers
  • Conduct a minimum of fortnightly walkthroughs visitation the property to ensure that all common property area is presented in acceptable condition
  • Liaise with the building manager on all outstanding items.
  • Assist in the review, maintaining and implementing long-term asset management plans
  • Laisse with the bard and Strata when required to oversee capital works for common property
  • Ensuring compliance with Essential Safety Measures
  • Audit all service documents that has been collated by the building manager and or strata manager
  • Ensuring that all capitol works projects that have been approved by the board are completed to specification and on time
  • Ensuring that all policies and processes are followed by the building manager
  • Performance manage the Building Manager
  • Performance manage other contractors as per scope of works
  • Attend meeting and provide a summary of activities for the period and to follow-up on all item arising from the meeting


ESM Audit Report
Monthly or Quarterly Building Report to be presented to Strata and the Board

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